Sunday, August 17, 2008

This week was hard for me. I was so totally exhausted that I think I slept most of the week away. I tried to play golf with Ralph on Thursday, but had skip many holes because I was too tired and couldn't concentrate. I'm feeling a little better but still need some rest.

Thanks to all of those that have sent emails and notes about the wedding. It was a beautiful day and I was truly grateful to my friends and family for coming and helping me through the weekend.

Jennifer and Alan are now honeymooning in Costa Rica. They have found a place to live in Washington DC and will be moving the first part of September.

In a few weeks, Ralph and I will be leaving to go to Michigan for a friend's wedding. I'm looking forward to that trip as it will be a part of the country that I haven't seen before. A true vacation I hope.

More soon.


Anonymous said...

I googled Alzheimer's blogs and found yours. I saw the CBS interview. Wow. My father has Alzheimer's and I always worry I have it too. I am only 37 but I swear I have it. Thank for the information.


Kimberly said...

My mother is 55 and is in Stage 5 or 6 of Alz. Your blog has helped her and me and gives us peace. Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us and Congratulations on your son's marriage.