Tuesday, March 18, 2008

I've had one of those weeks where I can't put all of my thoughts into words. I have a lot to write in here but am having a problem getting it written down.

This weekend I am traveling to Norfolk VA to watch our UGA women play basketball in the NCAA regional. A couple that I sometimes go to the games with has invited me to ride along. It certainly isn't a trip I could do myself. I'm grateful to have friends that are still willing to take me along and "to watch after me" as they say.

My son will be in Washington DC this weekend. He is taking a class on Supreme Court Litigation at Stanford and part of his class entails working on actual Supreme Court cases. He has been working on two cases and submitted some briefs in them. On Monday of next week the high court will be hearing opening arguments in the cases and coincidentally, both cases are being heard on the same day. What a great opportunity for him. He's been to the Supreme Court a couple of times before to watch the proceedings, but obviously never been inolved with a case up until now. It's an exciting time for him -- six more weeks and he'll be done with law school. I feel like I am graduating with him!

Hopeully, I can get a few more thoughts together before I leave this weekend.

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