Sunday, September 23, 2007

Peace and Quiet

My husband has been gone for a few days visiting his brother in St. Louis. I cannot believe what a difference having him gone has meant to me. This isn't suppose to sound bad, although I know when you read it, it will sound that way. I forgot what it was like when he wasn't around all the time. I am not as tired as I usually am. I think that not having to deal with him all day really makes a difference. And, by "dealing with him" I mean, just having him around talking to me, having the television set on most of the time and knowing that my brain should at least be engaged all day takes a toll on me. I don't think the television set has been on at all since he has been gone other than to watch the Georgia football game on Saturday. The constant noise of the television wears on me.

It wasn't so bad when my husband was working because I could have all that quiet time to myself during the day.

What a difference a little noise makes!

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Anonymous said...

Amen to that! I can imagine how you must feel - although I love my kids and my boyfriend, sometimes it's SOOO nice to have peace and quiet on my own. I'm glad you are enjoying it. Elyzabeth