Friday, August 03, 2007

This and That

My "word" problems are really annoying me. I have posted before that I am having problems finding the right words, understanding things I read and using the wrong words. I've noticed lately that I have a real problem with words that sound the same but are spelled differently and mean different things -- I can't remember the name for these words -- for example, meat and meet, right and write -- you get the idea. I know the word I mean when I write it (I had to think about that) but I'm not sure which is correct after I put it down on paper -- see how I avoided that? I will use the tools on the computer sometimes to check myself, and the last few times I was wrong. It's so frustrating when communications has meant so much in my life. So, chalk it up to this disease if you read something silly I've written.

On another note, the Alzheimer's Association is hosting some "Town Hall Meetings" about Alzheimer's. The first one was last week in Oakland California. I will be part of one in Chicago at the end of the month and there will also be one in Spartanburg, SC and Washington DC. If you are close to any of these areas I would encourage you to attend. Here is a link to the Alzheimer's website that tells you more about it. -- it's important for us to keep the dialogue open about Alzheimer's.

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