Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Happy Fourth

to everyone. My week has been kind of quiet -- which is a good thing since we have been on the go. It has been good to rest for awhile. We don't have any major plans to travel any more this summer, until the end of August.

My son is now in California only to return in a couple of days to Atlanta. He just ended his first "summer associate" program in Washington DC and will be started a second one next week at a law firm in Atlanta. Although I know I won't see him much while he is here -- it will be like when he was at Georgia Tech for four years -- I knew that he was close enough that I "could touch him if I needed to". When he moved to California to Stanford that was a little harder for me to take.

I've been trying to play golf and tennis. My concentration lags a good bit but I keep at it. I love being outdoors and I'm getting some exercise to boot. I'm so competitive that I hate losing -- so that is the hardest part! I'm getting over it though -- or trying to at least.

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