Saturday, August 12, 2006

The week

I had a strenuous "mind week" if you will. Was working on a lot of things for the Memory walk and I also decided to tackle a jigsaw puzzle. If you've read my posts before you know that I say never to give a jigsaw puzzle to an Alzheimer's patient (at least me) because it is so frustrating. But, I felt pretty good and I had one in the closet and I decided to try it. Talk about a brain drain! But I did finish it and I was totally exhausted. I couldn't believe how much it took out of me. After finishing it up on Thursday, I went to a Memory Walk meeting with my husband. It was at a restaurant that was very noisy. I could barely get through the meeting and meal because of the noise and just being mentally tired. I kept forgetting what I was saying, was confused and just normally not doing very well. I'm glad my husband was with me because I'm not sure I would done very well getting home.

That night I had a dream and in it I had Alzheimer's. Alzheimer's has never manifested itself into my dreams. I thought it was interesting that that night it did. I've always been this "normal" person in my dreams. I hope that doesn't keep reoccuring because it is nice to know that when I go to sleep and dream I don't have this.

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