Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Life and Death

Last night I went to a memorial service for a man who had taken his life at the early age of 48. He was married to a friend of mine. It was so sad. They have a son that is just a couple of years older than my son and he is due to be married this summer. What a shame his father will not be by his side. At the service they played a Travis Tritt song that was dedicated to the sone -- I think the name of it was "I See Me" and the song was about a man describing his son and the son not having fallen far from the apple tree.

I think about my son and my husband. They are a lot a like and then they aren't. I worry about not being with my son on his wedding day -- at least maybe not mentally. And it bothers me -- so we have to be sure to cherish the time we do have with our family.

My heart goes out to my firend and her family.

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