Wednesday, February 08, 2006


are great to have. I know I have written in this blog about how important friends are in my life -- now more than ever. But, I worry about not being a good enough friend back. Several friends I have are carrying big burdens of their own and I don't feel like I am there for them the way they have been for me. What am I doing about it? Not much right now. Some of their burdens I can't carry with them right now for various reasons, but it doesn't mean that I'm not there with them and appreciating what they are going through. I've tried to help the best I can, but I'm not sure that is good enough. I'm going to have to change that. To all of my friends out there -- thank you -- I do appreciate you!

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Anonymous said...

Kris, I think you underestimate yourself in your blog today. You have always been there for me (and others too I'm sure) in spite of how you might perceive yourself. Your disease has not changed that about you!

Love and hugs,