Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Finally, a New Post

I apologize for not posting in awhile. I think of things during the day to write about and then I either forget, or realize that noboday wants to hear about that anyway! So, I promised myself that I would post something today even if this is all it was!

It is extemely warm down here for this time of year (70 degrees) and I think that kind of has my mood messed up because "it's not normal". It is suppose to get a little cooler this weekend and then maybe I will feel better.

Yesterday, I went to Atlanta and met a very nice lady that has early on-set Alzheimer's. She was a real delight to get to know and we bonded instantly. I certainly hope that we can continue seeing each other and "comparing notes".

My son is taking his first set of final exams for law school. His last one is today and then he will have a little break. I'll be glad when this is over for him and he can get a gauge on how he is doing. His girlfriend started a new job this week. So, a few changes for them right now.

Well, the mind is a little slow today so will close for now. I'll try to do better!


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BB said...

K, I finally pulled up your blog and want to start using it more, when I read about the day we met I decided to add to this one, I hope we can get together soon. Love BB

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