Sunday, April 01, 2018

Easter Sunday/April Fools

It isn't a joke -- one year ago today I had that fateful mammogram that showed my stage 2 cancer. It has been a long year -- one I hope to not repeat.  I go this week for my six month mammogram from surgery.  We are hoping all looks good.  I have seen more doctors, labs, hospitals than I ever wanted to.  I know lots of people coping with much worse than I went through and I salute them.  Praying for everyone's recovery and better days.

On another front, the new 2018 Facts and Figures about Alzheimer's Disease is out.  You can view them here :  Our Walk To End Alzheimer's is in October so I will be reaching out to many to help us fight the cause.

I am getting more time to visit with my little grandson.  He is 16 months old already -- and has the best giggle in the world!

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Roberta said...

Thank you. I stumbled upon your “Alzheimer’s Blog”. I admire your strength and courage to fight the illnesses you are fighting. You are an inspiration to many!! ~ Roberta