Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Back at it

It always takes me by surprise how long it has been between my posts.  It doesn't seem that long.  Thanks for hanging in there with me, guys.  Not a lot of new things to report.  I have had a lot of comment on the Atlanta Magazine article.  It has certainly reached a lot of people and a lot of good has come from it.

I'm longing for a vacation at the beach -- which probably won't happen.  But I would really enjoy getting away and doing nothing.  I'm seriously thinking of trying to go by myself to the beach just for some alone time. 

On another note, health problems hit all of us I guess in some way or another.  I just hate it when a bad diagnosis comes to good people. Today I learned of such a diagnosis for a close friend.  She will get through it -- I have no doubt.  She has a great support network and loads of friends that she is always helping out when they are in need -- so they will be there for her -- as will I.  Luckily, medicine has come a long way in what she needs and I feel great about a positive outcome.  I wish it were that way for everyone.


ROBYN LANE said...

Glad you're back! Love the updates, even when they're tough ones -- life's messy, and sharing the mess is healthy for all.

VJ said...

I am just amazed you can still remember how to log on to Blogger! My parents don't have Alzheimer's and they've both forgotten their passwords for social media. My mom made a Twitter two years ago and was quite sure, when I told her recently, that she's never heard of Twitter. So I'm impressed that you have stayed committed to blogging and so grateful that you are willing to share your journey with the world.