Monday, September 22, 2014

It's been awhile

I've had so many things going on, so many thoughts in my head, I couldn't get them down on paper.  So many things I have wanted to write about, but getting them out of the brain and through my fingers to the keyboard has been impossible the last few weeks.  I keep making notes of things I want to write about but then when it comes time to sit down and process all the information -- the "processing" fails.  Some days it is like that.....hard to express what you want to say......hard to even say the things you want to say.

I panic when I can't get the thoughts organized in my brain enough to share them.  I think "this is the beginning of the end", "I'll never be able to have a rational thought in my brain". But, eventually, the thoughts become clearer and sharper.......for now.


Anonymous said...

Good Evening Kris: (:

Well young lady, you are doing quite well I must say. Thank you for sharing yourself with everyone. It is much appreciate.

Oh! I did want to ask you if it makes a difference to take pictures of events that you are involved with. When you view these pictures will you remember a bit more than you usually do?

My sister has the big "A" ... we all call it that! .. have to have a little humor here and there!! ... She does take a lot of pictures but always ends up asking "who took all these pictures".

Let me not run on and on. Do take care and always enjoy life!

God Bless You Always,

Carolyn (:

ROBYN LANE said...

I can't get my thoughts organized and on the screen these days, either! :)

ron said...

Yes, dealing with diseases can be very hard on the person. It is hard when a loved one does not remember who they once were. These diseases can alter the way we live. Let us remember how we can reflect on good memories :)