Tuesday, April 29, 2014

It's been awhile

I know I haven't posted in awhile.  Thoughts not in the right place to get down on paper.

This weekend our son and daughter-in-law paid us a visit. It was so nice to have them here -- I'm always a little sad when they leave. I know that sounds pathetic, but I miss them even though they only live about 75 miles away. They are busy. They work a lot and they have their own lives so we hate to intrude into their time.  But I do miss them nonetheless.

I have been going to physical therapy for some back problems.  Yesterday, when I was there I wasn't having a particular day and I found myself having a problem following directions.  It was kind of like when I have a problem making change -- my brain knows what to do, I just can't physically do it.  So, when the therapist asked me to lie and my back and put my feet flat on the table so my knees were upright I couldn't do it.  I knew what he was telling me to do, I just couldn't do it.  Now the therapist doesn't know of my condition, so he just kind of moved my legs for me.  A couple of other times he asked me to do something and I couldn't figure out what he was telling me to do.  I should have something, but I didn't.  I am sure he thinks I am an idiot because I couldn't do simple tasks.  My husband told me I should have said something -- next trip I will.  I just hate bringing it up if I don't have to -- but perhaps this is one of those "have to" situations. I just feel so stupid.

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VJ said...

It is not pathetic to miss your only son now that he is busy, especially since you don't have your job to occupy your days anymore.