Monday, January 06, 2014

The New Year

The New Year for me began by saying goodbye to a friend -- see post below.  It was a hard day for me.  Someone just a year older than I succumbing to Alzheimer's.  A beautiful tribute was given to him on Saturday and I am certainly proud to have known him.

I love catching up with old friends and the holidays are always a good time to do that.  I love getting everyone's Christmas photos and their Christmas letters.  I know many people don't like to read them, I do.  With social media the way it is now, we don't get all the details of what is happening with people and their families.  Thanks to all who sent me something -- I really do enjoy hearing from you.  And, thanks too, to old friends who have re-connected through Facebook or this blog. I was so happy to hear from a former (I'm not going to say old) neighbor who shared her time with us as well as her children with Alan.  How nice to be remembered.   Another friend, Dr. Mary Cail, who wrote The All Weather Friend's Guide To Alzheimer's, has revised this book and re-released it as "Alzheimer's A Crash Course for Friends and Relatives". (Note: Full disclosure -- she does have some excerpts from this blog in the book).  She was kind enough to send me a copy over the holidays and I would highly recommend this book.  If you want to know how to deal with your loved one with Alzheimer's, please get this book.  It will save you a lot of frustration and time.  Mary has achieved a great sense of balance in the book and will help you immensely.

I'm revising the bucket list and trying to shape my 2014 so I will be back shortly.

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Michele Bilyeu said...

I am so very sorry for the loss of your friend. I know as I get older, I learn about more friends that have passed away. That alone reminds me of life's fragility. But when we also worry about living with other frailties, it is even harder, yet. Know that I see you as such as amazing woman who is doing so very much to keep her mind, body, and spirit young and I truly feel you are doing an amazing job living life to the fullest each and every day. It is an honor to have found your blog and be a facebook friend.