Friday, August 16, 2013

Bucked List Update/Random thoughts

I spent last weekend with some "thirty something" friends.  One said she had been thinking about her bucket list since I have mentioned mine many times.  I'm glad that she is thinking about it now, while she is young and has more time to fulfill that bucket list.

I have started to re-evaluate mine every few months.....adding a few things as I go. As I have mentioned before -- some of these probably should be on my bucket list because they are out of my control, but I can wish for them just the same.

Bucket List -- out of my control -- kind of in order of priority if I could make them happen!
1. Get tickets for myself, husband, son, daughter-in-law and brother to go to the Master's Golf Tournament in Augusta.  I've tried for years to get tickets and "it ain't happenin" as they say in the south.
2. Become a grandparent -- definitely out of my control.
3. Make a hole in one -- technically I guess I could be in control of this, but yet again, as they say in the south "it ain't happenin".
4. Find a cure for Alzheiemer's -- definitely out of my control.

Real Bucket List
1. Go Skydiving
2. Go to a corn maze
3. Go to Denver and see a concert at Red Rocks
4. Travel to Europe again
5. Go on a girls weekend somewhere for fun
6. Own and red Mazda Miata
7. Add a screened in porch to my house
8. Be skinny
9. Make a difference to someone
10. Have more patience with myself and my family.
11. Go to Wimbledon again
12. Go to Italy

I am sure in the next few months this list will change.

On another thought........I have been thinking about this whole memory loss issue.  In thinking about short term memory loss, is it the fact that we cannot remember or is it the result of not processing the information?  I have found that I have a difficult time processing information, so when someone tells me something or I read it, I don't fully process that information, so I couldn't recall it if I never understood the information in the first place. I wonder if this isn't the case sometimes, rather than just forgetting something.  You can't forget something you never had in the first place.  This probably only makes sense to me!

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Anonymous said...

That totally makes sense! My best friend was diagnosed in March, one month shy of 50 yrs. And I feel like it's a processing problem more for her too.