Friday, May 03, 2013

Speaking and writing

I received the nicest thank you not yesterday from Tamar Shovali's Psychology class.  They always send me a note after speaking to them and it is so nice that they all sign it and leave a note for me.  Thanks to Tamar for having me talk with her class and the best of luck in her new endeavors.

I also had the pleasure of speaking at the Heart of Gold Pilot Club meeting in Cleveland Georgia over the weekend.  A big thanks to all that made it possible.  I decided from now on, I'm going to take my camera and take a photo of the groups I speak to as they are always taking pictures of me.  It will be a nice reminder  for me.  My next speaking engagement starts at 6:30 a.m. -- good thing I am an early riser!

A friend of mine writes a very eloquent blog.  And, she posts every week.  I'm always amazed that she can write on the simplest of topics with such ease.  And, I realize that it might seem "easy" to her, but it sounds like it just rolled off her tongue.  I would like to think that I used to be able to do it, but not like she does.  I'm impressed -- maybe when I grow up I can be like her. Thanks RF.

When I speak to groups, I often give them some a list of references to turn to regarding Alzheimer's.  I don't usually have this as a handout but I need to do one. But until I do, I thought I would list some of the references here -- there are more I know -- but these are the ones currently on my power point presentation.

Alzheimer’s Association --
Still Alice by Lisa Genova
The Forgetting by David Shenk
Thousand Mile Stare by Gary Reiswig
Jan’s Story by Barry Petersen
Alzheimer’s Early Stages by Daniel Kuhn
Learning to Speak Alzheimer’s by Joanne Koenig Coste
Living Your Best with Early-Stage Alzheimer's - Lisa Snyder
The All-Weather Friend's Guide to Alzheimer's Disease - Mary M. Cail
The Alzheimer’s Project – HBO Documentary
The Shriver Report

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ROBYN LANE said...

So proud of all the speaking you're doing! I hope I can hear you speak sometime. And personally I think you're a great communicator on this blog. Keep it up! Your story is a special one, and one that should be told. I'm following. :)