Sunday, March 03, 2013


I had a good class when I went to speak this week at the UGA Psych department.  My thanks to Tamar Shovali for asking me to come to speak.  She'll be moving on to another university and I wish her the best.

Friday I had surgery on my foot.  I was suppose to have it done a couple of weeks ago but there was a scheduling problem.  I had Morton's Neuroma which is basically an inflamed nerve in my foot.  I had it almost thirty years ago in my left foot and had it removed.  It wasn't too bad.  Well, this time the damage was a little more extenisve so the operation took longer and I'm pretty sore.  So, it was worse than last time, or maybe that I am older it just seems worse.  Have to continue to stay off of it for a few days and I go back and have a new dressing put on it tomorrow.  Then, we'll see what the doctor has to say.

I'm suppose to be going to the women's SEC basketball tourney in Atlanta this week, but I guess we will to wait and see.

On another note, my sister-in-law's mother passed away yesterday.  They live in Illinois and although her mom had been in bad health for awhile, it is always sad to lose a parent.  My love to the family.

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