Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Bucket List revisited

Back in July I posted this bucket list:

Go to Australia
Win a tennis tournament
Shoot a hole in one
Meet Maria Shriver
Own a red Mazda Miata
Have a screened in porch
Be skinny
Make a difference to someone

I've decided to revisit it since many have commented on it.

List now:

Go to Australia - DONE
Win a tennis tournament -DONE -- actually several people pointed out that I have won several tennis tournaments when I was younger -- so I guess this didn't really count.
Shoot a hole in one
Meet Maria Shriver - DONE
Own a red Mazda Miata
Have a screened in porch
Be skinny
Make a difference to someone (this one is weighing pretty heavy on me right now)
Visit the Grand Canyon
Go fishing again - my son bought me a new rod and reel for Mother's Day so I'm ready!
Travel to Europe again
Go on a girls weekend somewhere fun
Have all of my girl friends over to my house at one time for coffee
Have more patience with myself and my family
Learn to sew
Hopefully someday become a grandparent -- but that is definitely out of my control

I need to work on some of these -- some I can make happen -- others we'll have to wait and see. What's on your bucket list?


Marthe-Lee Ellis said...

I like the idea of a bucket list. I don't actually have one for myself (yet,) but maybe I should start. Do you think it's changed how you live your life?

Cassandra said...

I just stumbled onto your blog...I find it very inspiring to read from the perspective of someone who has the disease! My mom was diagnosed a few months ago with a rare form of dementia, it seems to be progressing quickly. She has no idea what dementia is. :( Thanks for sharing your story!

Liza said...

My name is Liza; my mother's side has history of Alzheimer's and sooner or later I think I too will have this. By blogging you already have made a difference in my life. You may check it off now or you may ask me more, later, why :)

Cassidy said...

This is a brave, courageous endeavor, this blog. I look forward to following you. Thank you for sharing your life, laughter and struggle with the rest of us. I work with people with dementia, on a daily basis. Alzheimers is not a happy diagnosis, to be sure, but that club contains my favorite people in the world.