Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Alzheimer's Awareness Day

at the Georgia Capitol was yesterday. Over 300 people were in Atlanta to help advocate for some issues that our legislature is dealing with regarding Alzheimer's. Just a few years ago when this even was started there were a hand full of people there. I was so proud of our contingency from all over the state that came.

Everyone has their own unique story. And, after yesterday, I know that even when I cannot speak for myself, there will be a host of people out there advocating for me.

Thanks to my family for coming and taking time out of their work days -- as well as my daughter-in-law's father. That meant so much to me. I appreciate everyone's support.

I have lots to write about the visit and will do so when I get some photos to post from yesterday.
Thanks to the Alzheimer's Association of Georgia for hosting us and helping us with our visits.

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