Sunday, October 23, 2011

Down Under Part Two

I was having a problem with the computer downloading my first post, but I seem to have corrected it. Things are still going great here in Australia. We have had some amazing experiences. Last night we went to Phillips Island, and saw thousands of "little penguins" come ashore for mating season. You can't take photos of them, but the penguins are only 12 to 13 inches tall and they are so cute. It was really amazing.

Weather is cooperating although we are going to have a little rain today. We are off to Rod Laver's arena today and the site of theAustralian Open. Golf is really cheap to play here but we won't be doing that -- as it takes too much time.

Alan is a great tour guide and getting me around the city pretty well. I get tired, but I'm trying to keep up. Jennifer and Alan are being very patient with me. I thank them for that.

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