Friday, August 12, 2011


I'm not MIA -- although I'm sure it seems it. I've been busy. I was in Atlanta a few days, then in Chicago for a few days, then to a friend's cabin at Lake Russell (Thanks Suzanne for a quiet relaxing weekend) and then in Atlanta again for a few days to watch two days of the PGA Championship at the Atlanta Athletic Club. It was all great fun, but I need time to relax and rewind. Although -- I'm off again tomorrow to another Alzheimer's meeting in Atlanta.

When we were at the golf tournament, I couldn't remember anyone's name. I saw the golfers and knew them, but then couldn't remember their name. On the practice days the golfers do not have people following them around with little signs with their names and scores on them. Their names usually only appear on their bags. And, if the caddies are carrying them the way they are suppose to (and they usually do) you don't see the name because the name part is always facing the ground. If the caddie stands the bag up on the green, you have to be lucky enough to have it facing you. Luckily enough for me there were enough people around that I usually overheard someone saying their name. I know I was tired when going but it was really bad. Once I get the photos from the camera downloaded I will try to post some. Sometimes I have a hard time doing that on this blog.

More soon -- and hopefully sooner not later.

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