Saturday, January 08, 2011

Left Neglected

is a new book out by Lisa Genova. Lisa is my friend that wrote the best seller Still Alice about a young woman with Younger On Set Alzheimer's. Lisa's new book is about a woman who has a condition called "Left Neglect". It is where a person with this, does not recognize his/her left side. Lisa first told me about this condition a year or so ago when she was working on the book before Still Alice even came out. I was intrigued with it and looked up what I could on-line. It's a very interesting brain disease. I'm sure this book will bring loads of attention to Left Neglected.

As I said with Still Alice, run to the bookstore to get this book, don't walk. I was mesmerized by it and it is an easy read -- even for someone with Alzheimer's. And, while I don't suffer from left Neglected, it is a brain disease just as Alzheimer's is. And, like I could relate to Alice in Still Alice, I can relate to the character in Left Neglected, Sarah.

In the book, Sarah has a car accident and ends up with a brain injury - Left Neglected.

At one point in the book she is working on her physical therapy and her son is by her side. Her son has Attention Deficit Disorder and while he is working on his homework, he declares himself stupid because he can't get his homework right. Sarah asks him if he thinks she is stupid because she can't do some things right. He tells her no. Then Sarah says, "Right. Neither of us is stupid. Our brains work in a different way than most people's do, and we have to figure out how to make ours work. But we're not stupid, okay?" How this hit home......I feel stupid a lot of times because I can't do some simple things. It's easy to say your stupid, even though you're not. I guess it is the easy way out, but I fight this on a daily basis.

In another instance Sarah remarks on all the changes that have been thrust upon her in the last few months....getting used to it and redefining "normal". I feel like I redefine the meaning of normal everyday!

In another instance Sarah talks about being helpless. She is crying to her mother that she doesn't want to be helpless. Her crying intensifies as she says the word helpless. Her mother tells her she is not helpless, she just needs some help. They are not the same." I had to really stop and take a deep breath over this one. While I am not helpless (now) I know I need help and it is hard to ask for help. But there is a difference and I need to recognize that and keep moving forward.

Thanks, Lisa, for writing this book. You have another winner on your hands.


NewKidontheBlogg said...


I am adding "Left Neglected" to my list of books to read. "Still Alice" is already on that list.

Love your blog,

Inge said...

You can tell your friend that I've just ordered the book "Still Alice". I'm looking forward to reading it!

Lisa Genova said...

Thank you so much, Kris. I SO hope we get to meet in person next month!
Much love,

Esther said...

Still Alice is wonderful and so is Lisa and how she got her story published! I look forward to reading Left...

EAHelfgott said...

Loved Still Alice--reads beautifully. Look forward to reading Left Neglected.

Inge said...

I received the book today (a long way to the Netherlands ;) )and will start reading it soon.

Inge said...

I've posted a link to your blog on my blog. Hope a lot of Dutch people will start reading this wonderful book as well!

Have a very nice sunday!

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