Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Money, money, money

I've mentioned this before but it is so frustrating I could scream. Twice this week I had a problem shopping and dealing with money. Everyone knows that I can no longer make change -- and I usually give the clerk a $20 and I get my change back, or I use plastic. I've been trusting of clerks to give me the correct change, because I couldn't tell you whether they were or they weren't!!! Anyway, on Monday I went to get my hair trimmed and it was $12.00. I gave the lady a $20.00 and she gave me $8.00 back. I decided that I was going to check it -- stupid me. I kept insisting that she gave me too much money back -- I thought she should have given me $7.00 back -- so I kept giving it back to her and telling her she gave me too much money back -- she was very patient with me and tried to explain several times, counting the money back to me several times. I became frustrated and she was really patient. Then I decided that if she insisted that I gave her too much, I must be wrong. It was so confusing for me.

Then today I went to the grocery and although I was using my debit card, I was using coupons. I didn't think the clerk rang it up correctly with my coupons. She went over it with me several times and I was holding up the line so I decided not to argue any more. I'm sure she was right but I can not explain clearly enough what I am trying to say when it comes to the coupons and money off -- it is so simple, yet so hard. I feel like such a fool. I don't know why I try -- but sometimes I get that stubborn streak in me that "I am going to figure this out one way or another" -- i usually don't and become even more frustrated. You think I would have learned by now!


trish said...


Bob shops with a credit card which makes it easy on him. For the past several years I add the tip to our check since it's difficult for him.

I understand how frustating it is when you have difficultiy doing something that once was easy. A few days ago Bob's watch somehow was changed to display military time. He spent at least two hours trying to figure it out.

Inge said...

This is the first time I read your blog, it's quite impressive and it touches me because I recognize a lot although I do not have Alzheimer myself... My dad has, but sometimes I'm afraid I have or get it myself too.....