Saturday, May 22, 2010

A few random thoughts --

The University of Georgia has been hosting the men's and women's national tennis championships the last few days. Action will continue for about the next week or so. I've been going to some of the matches. This year, the noise of the crowd (yes, tennis crowds can get loud) has been bothering me. The first day I forgot my ear plugs, but you can be sure I had them the following days.

One bit of class I saw yesterday was that the Virginia men's team that was playing had on patches that honored the Virginia Lacrosse player that was murdered a few weeks. What a nice touch --

The CBS Early Morning show ran a three part series on Alzheimer's this week. I couldn't copy and paste the proper address here for some reason, but if you go to and search for Alzheimer's they will come up. Important information.

Also, I'd like to say best of luck to Kate Gordon at the Public Policy office for the Alzheimer's Association. She's leaving the office in Washington DC to work for the Institute on Aging -- she'll still be a help to us in her new capacity. Kate was a joy to work with and someone I consider a friend. She was always there for you when you needed her -- and she still will be. You'll be missed Kate!

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Diane J Standiford said...

Thx for the link---I missed it on TV.