Thursday, October 22, 2009

The week

I've been in Atlanta for a couple of days so no posting. I was hoping I would have a photo of our MW team from this weekend to post but not yet. Thanks again to my whole team for coming out in the rain and walking. I appreciate it!

Monday night I had the privilege to speak once again to Dr. Glass' gerontology class at UGA. Dr. Glass and I met by chance one day while riding a shuttle to the Atlanta airport. Since then, she has been gracious to allow me to come and speak with her class. I've said it before and I'll say it again, that it is also therapy for me to do that. It is interesting to see who is in her class and their take on Alzheimer's. Thanks for having me!

I've also been reading an advance copy of a book about familial Alzheimer's. A person I know with Younger On Set Alzheimer's has a cousin who is writing this book about the disease and it's affect on their family. Many family members have (or had) the disease and it is gut wrenching to think about. Gary's book is due out in January and I will certainly write more about it as it gets close to its debut. It is certainly worth reading.


karen said...

I am glad talking about your dealings with Alz.helps.Sorry you had to walk in the rain. It is raining here now. To much Rain.

Tim said...

Can I suggest a book that may be helpful to you and your readers?
It is called "Til Death Do Us Part" by Suzanne Johnson. It's a short paperback written about the day-to-day activities of the author's father and his love for his wife as he cared for her during a 15-year struggle.
It's quite a moving book. You can find out more here: