Sunday, January 11, 2009

Slow Start to the New Year

This week has been slow. That's good because I had a lot to catch up on and to get back to my routine. I feel like I am a little more settled than I was over the holidays.

I received news this week that my friend Josh -- who has been mentioned here in my blog several times and who is serving in Afghanastan was injured this week in the line of duty. His unit was targeted by a suicide bomber. Several in his unit were injured and they also lost two soldiers. Josh has had three surgeries so far and will be facing more in the coming months. We are thankful he is alive. Right now he is in Germany but is hoping to be transported back to the United States soon. He took shrapnel in the pelvis and his right leg. In addition his right arm is shattered, his right ear drum is shattered and he has first degree burns on his face and parts of his body. Please keep Josh in your thoughts and prayers as well as all of those that serve us in the military. Josh was home at Thanksgiving and I posted a photo of him on this site. Josh worked for me several years ago and is about the same age as my son. I kind of like to think of him as a surrogate son but I'm not sure he would look at it that way! Please keep him in your prayers.

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Russell said...

Is there a way to send a letter to Josh?