Friday, September 05, 2008

Getting Back Into the Swing of Things

Now that summer has come to an end I am hoping that I can get back into the swing of things -- which quite literally means getting back to my routine. That has been lacking a bit this summer and I really need it.

My neurologist's appointment this week didn't go so well. The balance issues have gotten much worse and I am going to have another MRI. Some other problems have cropped up as well so it is probably a good time for another one. It has been 18 months since my last one, and we noticed a good bit of change on the last one from the previous one. So, I'm anxious to see this one as well. We probably won't know a whole lot for a few weeks.

Our trip to Michigan was great. It makes me miss the midwest -- the cooler temps, the drastic season changes, the cheap produce (including watermelon!), and the lifestyle. They say you can't go back home again, but it is sure nice to visit.

My house needs cleaning, I have lots of scrapbooking to do from the summer and have to catch up on many things that have gone by the wayside this summer. With all the travelling we did this summer -- between graduations and weddings, our family travelled over 35,000 miles in three months collectively. When you are going from west coast to east coast several times that adds up. But it was all worth it.

I still have some resting up to do and when I do I will post some more about our trip to Michigan.

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D said...

Just wanted to say 'hi' again...I haven't been here for a while. Sorry that you're having some troubles -- I'm glad to hear that you're having things checked out. Hopefully you can get some rest and things will improve. Sounds like you've had a lot going on lately. Congrats on your son's wedding -- how exciting! I love the pics. ((( hugs ))) D