Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Odds and Ends

Every time I finish a post I think of something else to write. Then, I forget it the next time I post! Guess it goes with the terriroty!

Another promising drug for Alzheimer's that was in the final stages of clinical trials has failed to provide enough data to end up being marketed. Here is a link to the Alzheimer's website for more information. Last year, the same thing happened with another drug. We just need to keep trying.

I played golf yesterday and with my balance issues I wasn't sure I was going to do so well. But, I did o.k. -- however, I did use my pull cart and my golf club as a cane. I had a few moments when I thought I was going to fall but I didn't. I think I must look like someone who is drunk! Today, it seems to be a little better.

Jennifer and Alan are on the move from California. They had some car trouble yesterday so they had unexpected delay (and somewhat costly) but I told Alan on the phone that at least they were not in an accident and they are o.k -- even though they won't be home on the day they planned.

My nephew that just got married, passed his dissertation for his doctorate in child psychology last week. Congratulations Jonathan! I'm so proud of him -- he has worked really hard for this and will be working at a school district in upstate Illinois in the fall. It's nice to have a "Dr." in the family.

Hope everyone has a great Fourth of July -- at least for the Americans reading this blog.


KATE EVANS said...

Thank you for writing about your balance problems. My mother, who has AD, has been feeling unsteady on her feet for some time and so walks with a cane. I asked her physician if this was a symptom of AD, but he said it's probably psychological. Now, I know he's wrong.

foam said...

my mother also has alzheimers. balance issues also accompanied the alzheimers symptoms.

LB said...

Hi Kris,
Still reading your blog and sending your link on to others. We all want to thank you for your efforts and want you to know that you are making strides.
In the quest for a new treatment, have you ever found in the literature a connection with AD being caused by an inflammatory process? If so, please post the link. Thanks,