Monday, April 09, 2007


I had a busy week last week and got out of my "routine". I noticed that my panic attacks were worse last week. We had a garage sale with several other families and it was held at our house. We had the opportunity to do a lot of spring cleaning, but at the same time, it created upheaval around our house because things weren't where they were suppose to be. The house was a mess, our garage was full of "stuff" and things were just not "normal". It is amazing how this affects me. But it is over now and the money we raised from the garage sale is a start for our Memory Walk this year.

Also, the mother of a close friend of my son's, passed away last week and that always gets me much more emotional than I used to be. She was only 55 too and it was such a shock to everyone. She had four children and Alan's friend read a eulogy that one of her other sisters had written. It was so sad. Those things stick longer with me now -- I don't know if it is the disease or the fact that I am getting older and people are passing away that are close to my age or just before their time.

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