Saturday, November 26, 2005


I hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving. It was very strange to have a Thanksgiving without our son. The day seemed a little empty. But, on Thanksgiving night we shared a wonderful meal with long time friends, who have become our extended family since moving to Athens twenty five years ago. I am thankful for that -- it just would have been nicer to have the kid here!

The next few days will be spent cleaning out the refrigerator and getting packed for England. We are looking forward to going and visiting with our friend Pody and her husband Rick. My sister-in-law is from London and although she has lived in Illinois for over 30 years, she was still able to give us some ideas to see some sights in London that would be decorated for Christmas. I worry that I will be a drag on my husband, but hopefully he has traveled enough with me that he will be used to it. I don't travel real well these days and when I get tired, I get very forgetful and confused. Hopefully, we will pace ourselves. When I was in California it was hard, but I did realize that I was there with my family and it didn't matter if I was confused or forgot something, because they were there with me to get me through it.

Ta Ta For Now

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