Sunday, February 27, 2005

The Week

It has been a busy week for me and a long one! I went to the Southern part of Georgia this week for an Alzheimer's conference which focused on our annual Memory Walk. Many of the Walks around the state were represented and it was good to learn and hear what they are doing in their communites. We have a big goal set for us this year but I know that we can make it.

But, these people are phenomenal. They give and they give and they give. What they have accomplished with their walks in their communities is unbelievable to me. The world is such a better place with individuals like that. I am indebted to them for all they do on behalf of the Alzheimer's cause.

Today, our family is being interviewed for a documentary about Alzheimer's. I know this is not something that my husband in particular is fond of doing because he is pretty soft spoken. But, it means a great deal to me that he is willing to do it. He always does extremely well, although when people interview him, it is hard for me to be in the room. I realize what a burden I am and that always makes me sad.

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