Monday, January 31, 2005

A long weekend

The south was hit hard by an ice storm this weekend. We lost our power on and off but there weren't many major power outages in our area which was good. But, it made for a long weekend since it was hard to get out and move around. But, it was beautiful outside looking at the ice on the trees and the streets. I know that might sound kind of strange but it was pretty.

The highlight of my weekend was that my son came home. Luckily he made it home before the ice starting forming. I really enjoy our time together and it is nice that he spares a weekend here and there because he is so busy. I worry alot about when he comes home what changes he sees in me if any. I also worry about the time when he is going to come home and I won't recognize him.....I hope that is a long way away.....but I can't help worry just the same. That's going to become a reality at some hard as that is to think about.

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