Monday, April 12, 2004

It's been Great

having three days off of work. I feel so much better when I don't work. The pressure and the constant "drain on my brain" takes such a toll on me. We were off on Good Friday and then I had the weekend. I didn't do much and I probably should have, but I didn't. On Friday I did run some errands and had a little bit of a hard time doing them myself, but I paced myself and I didn't do everything I wanted to, but I was proud of what I did get done. They are doing a lot of construction work around our neighborhood and it gets me very confused because everything looks different. So, I try to avoid that area as much as possible. It's weird how something that simple can throw me off. It's back to work now -- only a few more months left. I'm making more mistakes at work -- that's not a good thing. I feel like I have enough people watching over what I am doing now that if I do make a mistake someone will catch it. Let's hope so at least.

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